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My 10 year old daughter & I created LadyBug Restaurant Reviews to write about the restaurants we eat at from a parent/child perspective. Our ratings are for food, service, presentation, friendly waitstaff and overall experience. We rate on a 1 - 5 ladybug scale, with 5 ladybugs being the highest score. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Sophia says: Happy Anniversary Readers! I'm excited to tell you that this is Ladybug Restaurant Reviews 1 year anniversary! So we wanted to talk about some good restaurants and bad ones that we have been to and reviewed this year.

Some good restaurants were:
Mangolian Beef BBQ
In & Out Burger
Tsumani Sushi

Some not so good restaurants were:
The Tide House
Amarin Thai
Pho Hoa
Clarkes Burger

This first year has been a great success and I thank you all for reading our blog! We love reading your comments and restaurant suggestions.

Josh says: Hi Readers, please read our blog. And have fun going to the restaurants that we talked about. Thank you and bye.

Jodie says: I can't believe it's been a whole year since we started Ladybug Restaurant Reviews. This blog is so close to my heart and I want to thank you all for your support - we are looking forward to another great year!


  1. Thanks for all the great info!!!!
    I have found your reviews to be funny and informative!! I will keep checking out your reviews!!

  2. Congratulations for sticking with this for a year! I have enjoyed your comments and insights, you guys do a great job. I really like the most recent summary of the Good and Not So Good ratings.

    Please keep writing these reviews, they are very helpful and interesting.


    Jim Russell