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My 10 year old daughter & I created LadyBug Restaurant Reviews to write about the restaurants we eat at from a parent/child perspective. Our ratings are for food, service, presentation, friendly waitstaff and overall experience. We rate on a 1 - 5 ladybug scale, with 5 ladybugs being the highest score. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sono Sushi!

Sophia says: Tonight we went to Sono Sushi. It is a very nice restaurant. When we sat at our table, there was this nice hot washcloth to wash our hands with. It was very busy but our waitress brought our food very quickly. She was also very nice. I ordered chicken teriyaki and tempura. It was pretty big so I shared it with my brother. We also ordered orange juice to drink.  My food and my drink was very good. I also ordered green tea ice cream, it was super delicious. I would come back!

 357 Castro Street, Suit #A, Mountain View, CA (650) 961-9086

Josh says: Tonight I went for sushi dinner. I ordered some chicken teriyaki and some rice and I will love to come back.  The waitress was really fast and she brought my food right away when I wanted it. Dessert was really good and I love it there.

Paul says: The service was amazingly fast. The food was so good and the spider rolls were crazy good. Service was a team effort.  When anyone came by the table, they would help with water, napkins, anything needed. I want to go back for lunch sometime.

Jodie says:  Its so nice to have great service and such a friendly waitstaff.  We were seated immediately and served quickly.  It was a busy night but our waitress stopped by many times to refill our tea and take empty plates away.  It wasn't the best sushi I have ever had but it was still pretty good and a we had a great evening out.  Definitely recommended!

Food: ***
Atmosphere: ****
Service: *****
Overall: ****
4 Ladybugs!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pho Hoa!

Sophia says: Tonight we went to Pho Hoa. We went with my Auntie Jill and cousin Kaelyn. It was Vietnamese food. The food wasn't bad, it just wasn't my type. Anyway, I ordered the "kids' meal". It was noodles with meat, and meatballs. Like I said the food was okay, it just wasn't my type. The waitress was nice, but she didn't check on us. I also had lemonade and I liked that.

                      220 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA (650) 969-5805

Josh says: We went out to dinner and I ate some of the food and some of the food I did not like. I did not like the noodles. I liked the sauce and the pork. I had a great time in the restaurant. The waitress was a little bit fast because everything was easy to make. My cousin Kaelyn shared one of her eggrolls with me.

Kaelyn says: Last time I was there the food was good, this time the food was disappointing in comparison. The service was non existent.

Auntie Jill says: The kids liked the adult meals better than their own kids meals. I ordered the grilled pork and spring roll vermicelli and it was fine.

Jodie says: I have never been to Pho Hoa before.  Our waitress seated us right away and took our order.  After the waitress brought everyones' dish, we never saw or heard from anyone until we walked up to get our check.  I had the grilled shrimp and pork noodle dish. It was a huge dish with a lot of noodles and everyone shared.  It was a fun evening and I loved having the chance to try Vietnamese noodles.  

Food: ***
Service: * 1/2
Atmosphere: ***
3 Ladybugs!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kapps Pizza Bar & Grill!

Sophia says:  Tonight we went to Kapps Pizza Bar & Grill. It was a very nice restaurant. I ordered a slider with 1 hamburger, 1 cheeseburger and fries. The burgers were mini. I also had pink lemonade. They were all great. The service was very slow. We waited a long time after someone took our order. But the waiter was very nice.

              191 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA (650) 961-1491

Josh says: We went to Kapps for dinner. I had a cheeseburger and some french fries and pink lemonade and water.  It wasn't that good but it was kind of good. It took a very long time for the waiter to get our food. I kind of liked it. I liked the cheese but I did not like any pickles or tomatoes.

Paul says: The sliders were really good, they had great happy hour specials. The service was slow. A lot of basics not up to pair, (water refills, empty dishes taken away, and check brought out.) I would come back to watch a football game during happy hour.

Jodie says: I have been wanting to go for a long time and didn't know what to expect.  We went early in the evening and it was pretty empty. The service was very slow. I ordered the Parmesan encrusted broccoli & cauliflower salad and it was really bad. The vegetables were deep fried and greasy and in the middle of a bowl of shredded lettuce.  Before we left, the manager came to our table and asked how everything was, I think he noticed I hadn't eaten very much. He said they were always open to suggestions. 

Food: *** (everyone liked the sliders)
Service: **
Atmosphere: ***
 2 1/2 Ladybugs!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bucks Restaurant!

Sophia says: Today we for lunch we went to Bucks Restaurant. We won a gift card in a raffle.  I ordered a cheese burger with fries and I drank lemonade. It was a crazy restaurant because it had all these weird things hanging from the ceiling. Like one was a horse with a hat turned to the side. On the back of the kid's menu there was a scavenger hunt and you had to find the things in the restaurant. I found some of them, it was hard. The service was good but our waitress was very busy.  But the food was yummy. I would come back!

3062 Woodside Road, Woodside CA 650-851-8010

Josh says: I ordered a cheeseburger with fruit. It was a little bit too much food. And I played a game where I had to find stuff on the walls. Like guns and balloons and trains and 100 baby shoes.  Our waitress was nice and everything took a long time because it was busy. I liked the food but I didn't like Mommy's soup because it was stinky.  I want to come back.

Paul says: The restaurant was a visual treat. We split a crab salad sandwich. It was delicious and fresh. The clam chowder was perfect temperature and incredibly good. Service was so spot on AND the the place was packed.  I would definitely come back.

Jodie says: I'm so happy we had a reservation because we went at 11:00am on Sunday and there were a ton of people waiting but we sat down right away.  I loved the decor, it reminded me of Buca di Beppo with all the fun things hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. Our waitress was really friendly and took great care of us. I split the crab sandwich which was delicious and filling.  The one mistake was ordering french onion soup - the very strong onion smell was a little overpowering to our booth.  I would recommend Bucks to anyone. 

Food: ****
Service: ****
Atmosphere: ****
4 Ladybugs!