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My 10 year old daughter & I created LadyBug Restaurant Reviews to write about the restaurants we eat at from a parent/child perspective. Our ratings are for food, service, presentation, friendly waitstaff and overall experience. We rate on a 1 - 5 ladybug scale, with 5 ladybugs being the highest score. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Workshop Bar & Grill!

Sophia says: Happy Fathers Day Readers! Tonight we took my dad to the Workshop Burger restaurant.  It just opened about a month ago. When we got there, we decided to sit outside. A waitress brought us water. When we ordered, we asked for a milkshake but the waiter said that they didn't have the milkshake machine yet. That was weird because they have been open for a month. I ordered a cheeseburger with fries and lemonade that I split with my brother. After a few minutes it started to get a little chilly so we sat inside. On the condiment tray there was ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper and spicy sauce. The sauce was 1/2 filled and with no cap. It looked gross but all the other tables had caps on their bottles. It took a while for our food to come. When it came, I liked it and the meat was very well cooked. The food was also very filling. I would maybe come back but not for a long time.

                                    126 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 650-328-7437

our condiment tray

Josh says: Tonight we went to a burger restaurant. We took my dad there. I ordered a cheeseburger, french fries and lemonade. It took forever to get our food. Then finally we got it. It tasted good. There was mayo on the hamburger that I did not like. 

Paul says: I had the mushroom burger with sweet potato fries - it was good, but overpriced. The menus were dirty, mine had ketchup stains. Our waiter was nice but was very young and  not able to "connect" with a family of four, trying to have a nice casual dinner out.  He was very inexperienced and established no reason whatsoever to make me want to come back to pay $10 for a hamburger ever again. I mean really, my burger should have sang me a song for that price.

Jodie says: I was so disappointed in the food, service and the whole experience. When we got there, a waitress led us to a table and told us she would be taking a break.  We waited awhile for our new waiter to come. My menu had white out and different hand written items then everyone elses. I ordered a cheeseburger medium rare. I could tell it was overcooked and when the bill came, our waiter had written "well done".  We waited a really long time for our food and they did not have many customers. The bun on the burger was filling but I think thats because it was sauteed in butter. The kids really liked their lemonade and I liked the sweet potato fries but that was about it.  I would not come back.

Food: **1/2
Service: **
Atmosphere: **
                                   2 Ladybugs!


  1. Too bad! You should have gone to Country Gourmet! I read about it once on a great blog! ;) http://www.ladybugrestaurantreviews.blogspot.com/2012/02/country-gourmet.html

  2. That's too bad, we drove past it and looked interesting. The restaurant that was in there before was nice, Daphne's Greek Cafe, but then again, I love Greek food ! Don't know if we go to the new one !