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My 10 year old daughter & I created LadyBug Restaurant Reviews to write about the restaurants we eat at from a parent/child perspective. Our ratings are for food, service, presentation, friendly waitstaff and overall experience. We rate on a 1 - 5 ladybug scale, with 5 ladybugs being the highest score. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baskin Robbins!

Sophia says: Tonight we went to Baskin Robbins! My grandma gave me a gift card I was excited to use it! I ordered oreo cookies and cream ice cream. My brother ordered chocolate ice cream. The service was fast and the ice cream was good. The place had a lot of ice creams and cakes in it. The floor was a little dirty.
 1249 West El Camino Real, Mountain View - (650) 940-9831

Josh says: I had chocolate ice cream and I ate it all and I ate the cone. I wanted to get a different kind of ice cream and I just couldn't decide.  I wish I could come here again.

Paul says: It was very busy and the place was packed.  Even though they were busy they were very good about helping us and it was a very short wait. I didn't have any ice cream.

Food: ***
Atmosphere: **1/2
Service: ****
Overall: 3 Ladybugs!


  1. My kind of dinner! But, Paul, really, how can you go to B&Rs and not get ice cream?!?

  2. Perfect day for ice-cream ! And I agree, Paul, really, no ice-cream ?

  3. how can you not smile when seeing josh with that happy chocolate ice cream face?

  4. I love how Josh couldn't decide so he just got chocolate ;) Sophie, great job here! Very observant on the dirty floor!