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My 10 year old daughter & I created LadyBug Restaurant Reviews to write about the restaurants we eat at from a parent/child perspective. Our ratings are for food, service, presentation, friendly waitstaff and overall experience. We rate on a 1 - 5 ladybug scale, with 5 ladybugs being the highest score. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don Giovanni!

Sophia says: Tonight we went to Ristorante Don Giovanni. It was a very nice. I ordered spaghetti with meatsauce, my brother ordered macaroni & cheese, and my mom ordered salad. It was all delicious.The service was great. I also liked the food. They gave me a giant glass of lemonade and when I drank it it was really sweet and then they gave me another one.  I would come back!

235 Castro St, Mountain View, CA (650) 961-9749

                                              Napa Cabbage salad
Josh says: It was so good I want to come there again and I love it and I hope the restaurant has a nice day. I had macaroni and cheese and  I loved it!

Jodie says: I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. The owner welcomed us inside and they are extremely kid friendly.  I'm not sure what the service is like on a busy night because we were there early in the evening but our service was excellent.  I ordered the Napa Cabbage salad and it was delicious.  The prices were reasonable and we had a great time!

Food: ****
Service: *****
Atmosphere: ****

           4 Ladybugs!


  1. Great review--look delicious. And I love your sparkly hat, Sophia! :)

  2. we just made a reservation to take friends here for dinner.. thank you for the sincere comments and observations.
    rick and vicki